Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on December 24, 2015

Q: The Chinese side announced yesterday the visit by Nepali Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa. Please give us more details about his itinerary. What is China's expectation for the visit?

A: It is the highest-ranking Nepali delegation that has ever visited China since the establishment of the new Nepali government in October this year. Both sides attach great importance to the visit, during which Vice President Li Yuanchao will meet with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Thapa, and Foreign Minister Wang Yi will hold talks with him.

China and Nepal enjoy a long-lasting friendship. 2015 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Nepal diplomatic ties. It is also the year when China and Nepal withstood major challenges such as the earthquake on April 25. Friendly and cooperative relations between China and Nepal have been consolidated and furthered thanks to the concerted efforts of both sides. During the visit, the two sides will exchange views on next year's plan for the development of bilateral relations, practical cooperation across the board as well as other issues of common interest. Through the visit, we look forward to increasing mutual trust, expanding cooperation, deepening friendship and forging ahead with the comprehensive cooperative partnership featuring ever-lasting friendship.

Q: The Chinese side is consulting with the US on repatriating five of China's corruption suspects. Can you give us more details on that?

A: During the 12th Meeting of the China-US Joint Liaison Group on Law Enforcement Cooperation (JLG) held in Beijing last December, the two sides agreed to carry out joint investigation into five major job-related corruption crimes. Over the past year, thanks to the cooperation between the anti-corruption and law enforcement agencies of the two countries, progress has been made in the five cases as Wang Guoqiang and Huang Yurong have been brought to justice. We appreciate the support and cooperation from the US. It is hoped that the two sides would give full play to the main role of the JLG, advance anti-corruption cooperation in a more practical and flexible manner and jointly uphold social fairness and justice as well as the sanctity of law.

Q: It is reported that Japan's Cabinet approved the defense budget for 2016. Part of the spending will go to defending Diaoyu Dao. What is China's response to that?

A: Due to historical reasons, Japan's policy moves in the field of military and security have been closely watched by its Asian neighbors and the international community. We hope that the Japanese side would take history as a mirror, stick to the path of peaceful development, and make constructive efforts for regional peace and stability.

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