Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on Concluding Observations of United Nations Committee against Torture on China's Compliance with the Convention against Torture

Q: Recently, the UN Committee against Torture issued its concluding observations on China's compliance with UN Convention against Torture, which approves of China's progress in implementing the Convention, but at the same time criticizes 'large-scale' practice of torture in China. What's your response?

A: China respects and protects human rights, and always opposes torture. China has earnestly fulfilled its obligations set out in the UN Convention against Torture and made great achievements through persistent efforts in this regard. When the Committee was reviewing China's report, the Chinese delegation stayed in communication with the Committee in a sincere and cooperative manner, and elucidated anti-torture measures taken by the Chinese Government as well as the current situation in the country. To our regret, some biased committee members, in drafting the observations, chose to ignore the substantial materials provided by the Chinese Government, quote and even fabricated some unverified information. Running counter to the ethics of justice and objectiveness, they attempted to politicize the review by squeezing some unreal and stigmatized comments into the concluding observations, which China firmly opposes.

The Chinese Government will continue to protect human rights and stands ready to carry out international cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual respect, so as to jointly promote the course of human rights.

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