Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on the Announcement of the ROK-US Joint Military Exercises

Q: According to reports, ROK and the US announced that they would hold a joint military exercise in the Sea of Japan from July 25 to 28, with the participation of a large number of naval and air forces including the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, followed by a series of joint military exercises in the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan in the coming months. How does China comment?

A: We have expressed concerns over relevant developments. China's position on the ROK-US joint military exercises is clear. We urge relevant parties to exercise calmness and restraint and refrain from activities that would escalate tension in the region. We resolutely oppose any foreign military vessel and planes conducting activities in the Yellow Sea and China's coastal waters that undermine China's security interests. We will continue to follow closely the developments of the situation.

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