Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on June 7, 2011


On the afternoon of June 7, 2011, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei held a regular press conference.

Q: It is reported that Libyan Foreign Minister is visiting China. Which Chinese officials will meet with him and what topics will be covered during their meeting?

A: Obeidi, Secretary of the General People's Committee for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation of Libya (Libyan Foreign Minister) will visit China from June 7 to 9 as the special envoy of the Libyan Government. During his stay in China, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi will meet with him, and the two sides will exchange views on the current situation in Libya and the political resolution of the Libyan crisis.

Q: Has the Libyan Foreign Minister arrived in China? Chinese diplomats have made contact with the Libyan rebels in Benghazi. What does China want to achieve by getting in touch with both sides?

A: As far as I know, Foreign Minister Obeidi has arrived in China.

We have released information on the contact between China and relevant parties in Libya. The Libyan issue has drawn world-wide attention. China stands ready to work along with the international community to push for a political settlement of the Libyan crisis. China calls on all relevant parties to cease fire immediately and resolve the crisis through political means. The future of Libya shall be determined by the Libyan people themselves, and China respects their independent choice. We hope that relevant parties in Libya will accord priority to the interests of the country and its people, give positive consideration to the mediation schemes brought up by the AU and others, with a view to defusing the tensions in Libya as soon as possible.

Q: Humala, the candidate of Gana Peru has won Peru's presidential election. What is China's comment?

A: China and Peru are countries of traditional friendship. China congratulates Mr. Humala on being elected as the President of the Republic of Peru. We sincerely hope that the Peruvian Government and people will constantly make new headways on the path of development chosen by themselves.

The Chinese Government attaches great importance to China-Peru relations and stands ready to enhance various practical cooperation together with Peru for the comprehensive and in-depth development of bilateral strategic partnership.

Q: What is China's comment on the result of the Portuguese parliament election? How do you look at the current trend in Europe that more conservative parties come into power?

A: China and Portugal are friends, whose bilateral relations have enjoyed smooth development. China would like to make concerted efforts with the newly elected Portuguese Government to forge ahead with comprehensive strategic partnership.

Election is the internal affairs of relevant European countries. We respect the independent choice of the European people and stand ready to advance China-EU relations together with the European side.

Q: Is it motivated by diplomatic considerations or business interests that China sent its diplomats to Benghazi? French Finance Minister Lagarde will visit China soon. Does China support Lagarde assuming the position of IMF chief?

A: The purpose of China's contact with relevant party in Libya is to push for a political resolution of the Libyan crisis.

As for the candidacy of IMF Chief, I have already made China's position clear last week. Madam Lagarde plans to visit China early June, to which China has agreed. During her visit, heads of the Ministry of Finance, People's Bank of China and other relevant departments will meet with her.

Q: You just said that China's contact with parties of Libya is aimed to resolve the Libyan crisis. Does China have any plan in mind?

A: China always upholds settling the Libyan crisis through political means. We call upon parties in Libya to cease fire as soon as possible, take into full account the mediation schemes proposed by relevant sides including the African Union, and push the situation in Libya towards easing. We will work along with the international community to strengthen political endeavor and push for an early political resolution of the crisis.

Q: Could you brief us on the schedule of the visit to Libya by the diplomats from Chinese Embassy in Egypt?

A: Diplomats of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt arrived in Benghazi recently to acquaint themselves with the local humanitarian situation as well as the state of Chinese-funded enterprises, and they also made contact with the head of the "National Transitional Council".

Q: US Assistant Secretary of State Campbell was in Beijing for a visit these two days. Which Chinese officials did he meet with? What did they discuss?

A: US Assistant Secretary of State Campbell had a short stay in Beijing on June 6. Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai and Special Representative Wu Dawei of the Chinese Government on the Korean Peninsula Affairs met with him respectively, exchanging views on China-US relations as well as other issues of common interest.

Q: Is China now mediating between the Libyan parties?

A: China is willing to join the international efforts in promoting a political settlement of the Libyan crisis.

Q: It is reported that large-scale demonstrations broke out in Vietnam in protest of China's recent activities in the South China Sea. How do you comment?

A: China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and adjacent waters. China and Vietnam have reached important common ground many times on properly handling maritime issues and safeguarding stability of the South China Sea. We hope that Vietnam makes concrete efforts to nail down such consensus.

Q: Will China send a message of resolving the crisis to Libyan leader Gaddafi through the special envoy?

A: As I just said, China will exchange views with the special envoy of the Libyan Government on issues including politically resolving the crisis.

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