Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Regular Press Conference on October 24, 2011

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu started the press conference by welcoming the visiting African press corps.

Q: It is reported that a drastic earthquake struck eastern Turkey, killing and injuring hundreds of people up till now. What is China's comment?

A: A strong earthquake rocked the eastern part of Turkey yesterday, causing heavy casualties and property losses. The Chinese Government and people express deep sorrow. Premier Wen Jiabao has sent a message of condolences to Prime Minister Erdogan, expressing China's willingness to provide necessary assistance to Turkey.

Q: The Geneva Convention prohibits the killing of war prisoners. What is China's comment on Gaddafi's death after being captured?

A: We have noted relevant reports and reactions of all relevant parties. We maintain that parties involved in the conflict should abide by the Geneva Convention and relevant international law.

Q: It is reported that representatives from the DPRK and the US started their second round of meeting today in Geneva. What is China's comment?

A: China supports the contact and dialogue between the DPRK and the US and hopes relevant contact will be conducive to enhancing mutual trust and understanding between them and creating conditions for the resumption of the Six-Party Talks as well as the appropriate settlement of relevant issues.

Q: First, The ROK police reportedly detained three Chinese fishing boats on October 22 and investigated some Chinese fishermen on board. Please confirm. Second, What is China's comment on the recently held EU Summit aimed at resolving the European debt crisis? Some EU members proposed to incorporate China and other developing countries into the European Investment Fund to facilitate the resolution of the European debt crisis. How does China respond?

A: On your first question, the Chinese Consulate-General in Gwangju is dealing with the incident urgently, requiring the ROK side to conduct law enforcement in a civilised way, avoid violence in the process and ensure the fishermen's safety as well as lawful rights and interests in real earnest. Relevant Chinese departments will follow closely the developments.

On your second question, we have noted the discussions at the EU Summit on measures to address the European debt crisis. We hope that the EU countries will come up with a comprehensive solution as soon as possible, take effective measures to mitigate the crisis so as to curb its spread and boost market confidence.

We believe that the EU side has the capacity and wisdom to tide over difficulties. We would like to further expand dialogue, exchanges and practical cooperation with the EU and its member states.

Q: It is reported that Saudi Crown Prince Sultan passed away on October 22. What is your comment?

A: As an important Saudi leader, Crown Prince Sultan made significant contributions to Saudi Arabia's national development and regional peace and stability. He attached great importance to China-Saudi Arabia friendship and actively pushed for the development of bilateral relations. China deeply laments his death. President Hu Jintao has sent a message to Saudi King Abdullah to express profound condolences over the passing away of Crown Prince Sultan.

Q: How do you comment on Tunisia's Constituent Assembly election on October 23?

A: China congratulates Tunisia on its successful Constituent Assembly election and hopes Tunisia will take it as a new starting point to launch an inclusive political transition process, with a view to safeguarding social stability and restoring economic development. Bound by traditional friendship, China is ready to work with Tunisia to constantly advance bilateral friendly relations and cooperation across the board.

Q: The EU summit is discussing a new investment fund. What is China's attitude?

A: Please refer to competent authorities for your specific question.

China supports EU countries' efforts to solve the debt crisis. It is held that other countries will decide based on the progress of eurozone countries' own bailout efforts. We believe that the difficulties faced by EU countries are temporary and by relying on itself , the EU has the capability to join hands in appropriately handling relevant issues. China is ready to conduct extensive cooperation with the EU in economic, trade, investment and financial fields.

Q: Which Chinese official will attend Prince Sultan's funeral?

A: We are actively considering and will share the information with you.

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