Further Clarification on the Procurement of Masks by Finland from China on 7 April


The Finnish side mentioned the matter regarding the procurement of masks arriving in Finland on 7 April from China. With no delay, the Chinese side verified the facts in a highly responsible manner. After looking into the matter, we found that the masks were procured by the Finnish side through intermediary on business channels. During the communication process, the Chinese enterprise clearly informed that the masks are not for medical use. And the relevant materials were declared for exports to the Chinese Customs as non-medical products.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the quality and safety of medical supplies. During the special time of epidemic prevention and control, strengthening quality monitoring and supervision is particularly important. Recently, the Chinese authorities have issued notices to further regulate the process of production, certification and customs clearance. China will crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products and punish illegal acts of disturbing the market order in accordance with law. Meanwhile, the Embassy would like to remind that medical products in China and Europe may differ in production standards, product applicability and usage habits. Full knowledge and clear understanding is needed beforehand.

The Embassy would like to emphasize once again that China and Finland have maintained sound communication and cooperation since the outbreak of COVID-19. The Embassy is willing to continue to offer assistance.


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