All China Has Done is of Sincere Will
-- By Ambassador Chen Li


Last week, the Finnish side mentioned that a batch of masks purchased through intermediaries on commercial channels from China did not meet the European medical standards, drawing attention from all walks of life. The Chinese side verified the facts without delay and in a highly responsible manner. We found that relevant Chinese enterprise clearly informed during the communication process that the masks are not for medical use, and the relevant materials were declared for exports to the Chinese Customs as non-medical products. Statement and further clarification were made accordingly in time.

China’s dealing with this matter once again demonstrates that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the quality and safety of the medical supplies. We fully understand that under the current epidemic situation, life is of the utmost importance, requiring further strengthening quality supervision of medical supplies. Recently, the Chinese authorities have issued notices to further regulate the process of production, certification and customs clearance, aiming to strengthen the export quality control, standardize the export order, crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products and punish illegal acts of disturbing the market order in accordance with law, and ensure orderly scale up of export. Clear commitment has also been made that China will not limit the export of the medical supplies.

In this fight between mankind and virus, the whole world is the battlefield, and everyone is a fighter. Mutual support is especially critical. At the moment, many countries encounter shortage of medical materials. China relate deeply to their difficulties. We will never forget the warm support from the international community at our most difficult time. With the support, we managed to pull through and the situation is now trending towards a positive direction. The Chinese people say “a drop of water in need shall be returned with a spring in deed”. Although there is still arduous task ahead of us, we are trying our best to resume production and provide products to the international community. Our enterprises are working around the clock to produce protective materials to help those countries in need. Meanwhile, we offer support as much as we can to the international fighting COVID-19 by donating medical supplies, hosting video conference on epidemic prevention and control and sent out medical experts to those in need.

China and Finland have maintained sound communication and cooperation since the outbreak of COVID-19. The first confirmed case in Finland in late January was a Chinese tourist. We are very grateful that the patient received timely treatment and the patient’s family were taken good care of in Finland. We are also thankful to the support and encouragement of the Finnish society to China. China is willing to continue working with Finland and the international community to support each other and win this war of mankind. The Embassy of China in Finland will perform our duty in the course.


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