What Should We Learn from Fighting COVID-19
-- By Ambassador Chen Li


At present, the coronavirus is ravaging all around the world. Despite of enormous sufferings caused by it, people of all nations are fighting with perseverance and wisdom. In such efforts, there are two most impressive images: one is that medical and health staff across the world are dedicating themselves to the frontline; medical supplies are being delivered from one corner to another around the globe only to help those most in need; the whole society regardless of governments, enterprises, or individuals are taking actions together to save lives. The other image is that a few politicians are busy with blaming-shifting, or even resort to smear and stigmatization to shirk their responsibility.

Facing such pandemic and great loss of human lives, which of the two images is the right way to go? First of all, we must figure out the enemy and allies in this battle. Our enemy is the intangible virus that is never known before. It takes time to getting knowledge of it. Our allies are each other. We are fighting side by side in the same trench. Any behavior of aiming the gun at an ally can result in accomplice of the virus. In the midst of such pandemic, the lofty nature of fraternity and narrowness of egoism are both emerging.

To fight an unknown virus bearing down upon us, no one had a perfect textbook of counter measures in the first place. Many countries downplayed it at the early stage. China was the first country to report the epidemic, and have fought it in an unprecedented manner of determination and transparency for a long time. But unfortunately, the virus still spreads all over the world, which to some extent offsets the price China has paid. Lessons should always be drawn. But playing blaming game and choosing the worst among the worse is of no help. The most pressing task for us at the moment is to save lives and win the battle. To this end, we should work together to fight against the common enemy; we should give big applause and pay tribute to warriors as doctors, nurses, scientists, researchers and all those working in the frontline and try our best to support them; we should respect facts, science and international consensus and find the key to defeat the virus; we should continue supporting WHO and its important role in coordinating international anti-epidemic cooperation. We should do these because we live and breathe in one and the only earth and we share a common future.

During the pandemic, I experience not only the warmth and unity but also the weakness and vulnerability of mankind. I sincerely hope that with this fight, there could be more understanding and tolerance, more trust and support, and more solidarity and cooperation. After all, these will be the best we can learn from fighting COVID-19.


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