Ambassador Zhang Zhijian visited Iisalmi




    H.E. Ambassador Zhang Zhijian made a friendly visit to Iisalmi at  the invitation of the Mayor of Iisalmi, Mr. Martti Harju on January 11 and 12, 2005.

During the visit, Ambassador Zhang met with the Mayor of City, Mr. Martti Harju, the Chairman of the City Council, Mr. Markku Eestilä and the Chairman of the Executive Board of the City Council, Mr.Iivo Polvi and discussed with them deeply on the further development of the communication and exchange of the city with its Chinese counterparts in the areas of trade and culture.

Ambassador participated together with over 100 guests at the opening ceremony of the Exhibition of Silk Embroidery Art from Suzhou in Iisalmi, which would be there for one month.

    Ambassador Zhang also visited the art school in the city, Lumakeskus and two companies which have set up business connections with China already, the Geneleo Oy and the Profile Vehicles Oy. Ambassador expressed the hope that there would be more and more Finnish enterprises to join them and do business with China.





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