Chinese and EU Leaders Hold the 9th Summit


On September 9, 2006, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council of China held the 9th China-EU Summit with Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen of Finland, the rotating presidency of the European Union, and President José Manuel Barroso of the European Commission in Helsinki, capital of Finland. Both sides had an in-depth exchange of views on further consolidating and developing the all-round strategic partnership between China and EU.

Wen pointed out that over the past one year China and EU have actively implemented the consensus reached at the 8th Summit and new progress has been achieved with the cooperation in various fields. Both sides have successfully held two rounds of strategic dialogues, initiated the strategic dialogue on energy and transport and the first consultation on climate changes and strengthened the coordination and cooperation on international affairs and global issues. The China-EU trade keeps growing rapidly and is demonstrating a sound momentum of growth of both import and export. Both sides have constantly deepened the cooperation in fields of science, technology, education, public health and environmental protection and the personnel exchanges become more vigorous.

Wen said that the Chinese government always attaches importance to the relationship with EU, supports the process of European integration and welcomes EU to play a more active role in international affairs. China and EU are two important forces in the world. Further strengthening mutual cooperation is in the fundamental interests of both sides and conductive to promoting the cooperation between Asia and Europe as well as world peace, stability and development. With the constant development of China-EU relations, both sides need to press forward with the overall planning on the bilateral relationship and sign the new partnership accord as early as possible so as to advance the cooperation in various fields such as politics, economy, science, technology, culture, education and security. During the summit, both sides agreed to further the China-EU political and strategic dialogue, strengthen the pragmatic cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, sustainable development, environmental protection, social security and finance, promote people-to-people exchanges, especially exchanges among the youth, consolidate the coordination and collaboration on international affairs and strive to resume the Doha round negotiations as soon as possible.

EU leaders noted that EU is satisfied with the overall development of EU-China strategic partnership. The EU-China strategic dialogue plays a key role in developing the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two sides. EU-China relationship has achieved great progress. Now what we should do is to expand the cooperation scope, increase the cooperation depth and raise bilateral relations to a new level. EU believes that both sides may start the negotiation on the signing of the new partnership accord between China and the EU right now so as to make overall planning for and strengthen dialogues and cooperation in such fields as politics, trade, economy, investment, agriculture, science, technology, civil aviation, climate change and youth exchanges.

EU leaders indicated that EU welcomes China to play an active role in international affairs as an important stakeholder in the international system and supports China in following the road of peaceful development. EU appreciates China's important efforts in promoting the economic development of the East Asian region, building the mutual political trust and solving regional hot-spot issues. It hopes to strengthen cooperation with China in anti-terrorism, non-proliferation, aid to Africa and resumption of the Doha round of negotiations.

EU will continue to make efforts towards the lifting of bans on arms sales to China and the recognition of China's full market economy status. It will unswervingly adhere to the one-China policy.

Talking about the Iranian nuclear issue, the EU leaders noted that the Iranian nuclear issue is in a critical moment and the international community should ensure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons. EU insists on peaceful resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomatic means. Wen indicated that it is the best choice to peacefully solve the nuclear problem of Iran through diplomatic negotiations and there exists such a possibility. All sides should make efforts to this end. At the same time Iran should also pay attention to the concerns of the international community and make constructive responses.

On the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula, Wen said that it is the consistent position of China to peacefully solve the issue through dialogues and consultations and to maintain peace and stability of the Peninsula and Northeast Asia. It is hoped that all the parties concerned could make active efforts to resume the six-party talks at the earliest date. EU leaders expressed appreciation and support for the important role of China in solving the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula.

Talking about Africa-related issues, Wen said that since China and Africa established diplomatic relationship 50 years ago China has been helping Africa to eliminate poverty and realize development, which was welcomed by the African people. We are willing to strengthen understanding and advance cooperation with EU to urge the international community to pay greater attention and offer more substantial aids to Africa. EU attaches importance to the cooperation between China and Africa and is willing to strengthen consultations with China on African issues.

After the summit, the leaders of the two sides jointly met with journalists. When answering the questions concerning EU's lifting of bans on arms sale to China and acknowledgement of China's full market economy status, Wen said that since the founding of the People's Republic of China leaders of many European countries have made important decisions on developing relations with China, which greatly promoted the development of relations between China and Europe. It has been proved by the long-term practice that the development of China-Europe relations has benefited both sides. Basically speaking, the resolution of those problems also accords with the interest of Europe. The earlier the problems are resolved, the more benefits we will get. It is hoped that EU could show its insights and make right political decisions independently from a strategic height and long-term perspective so as to clear away the obstacles to the development of China-EU relations.

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