Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Talk about Myanmar's Current Situation in Press Conference

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China)


Q: The monks in Myanmar have launched an anti-government demonstration recently. It's reported that the demonstration will end peacefully due to the pressure from China. Please confirm. On Mr. Cui Tiankai's assuming the post of Chinese ambassador to Japan. Has the Chinese Government officially announced his assignment?

A: China has all along been an advocate of non-interference in domestic affairs of other countries. As a neighbor of Myanmar, China hopes to see stability and economic development there. We hope and believe that the government and people of Myanmar will properly handle the current issue.

On your second question, we will release relevant information in due course.

Q: How does China view the reaction of the Myanmar Authorities to the demonstration? If the UN Security Council considers adopting a new resolution to urge Myanmar to resume democracy, will China veto it as China did in January?

A: We hope and believe the Myanmar government and people will properly handle the current issue.

The second question you raised is hypothetical.

Q: How do you comment on Myanmar's current situation? It is reported that China has conveyed the concerns of the international community to the Myanmar government. What messages did China send to Myanmar? Will China send any special envoy to Myanmar? Will Myanmar send officials to China to discuss the issue? Some of the foreign media suggest that China did not exert full efforts on the issue of Myanmar. How do you respond?

A: As a neighbour of Myanmar, China follows closely the situation there. China hopes that all parties in Myanmar exercise restraint and properly handle the current issue so as to ensure the situation there free from further escalation and complication. Myanmar's stability should not be affected. Neither should peace and stability in the region.

We hope that Myanmar be devoted to improving people's welfare, maintaining national harmony and properly dealing with its domestic social conflicts so as to restore stability at an early date.

China hopes that the international press can be truthful in reporting and cover the issue objectively rather than hyping up the issue. We have noted that a very few press unleashed some accusation against China, which is vicious defamation.

Q: As a neighbor of Myanmar, has the Chinese Government been in touch with the Myanmar government on its domestic situation? My second question is, some people criticize China for failing to make greater efforts on the issue of Myanmar and take actions in the UN Security Council. Do you have any comment?

A: China noted that the Security Council held consultation on the situation in Myanmar and the Chairman of the Council talked to the press on the issue. China believes that the international community should provide constructive assistance to the alleviation of the domestic situation in Myanmar. China supports the mediation efforts of the UN Secretary General and his Special Envoy Gambari.

Q: US President Bush announced new sanctions on Myanmar recently. How do you comment on that?

A: We hope the international community can provide constructive assistance to the alleviation of Myanmar's domestic situation and all parties concerned can properly handle the current issue. We also hope that the Myanmar government will be committed to improving the welfare of its people, safeguarding its national harmony and properly dealing with its domestic and social conflicts so as to restore the stability there.

Q: You just mentioned that some foreign media defamed China for the issue of Myanmar, could you give us some examples?

A: While you watch TV, read newspaper or surf the internet, you can hardly miss those groundless remarks accusations against China recently, which are irresponsible.

Q: Does the Chinese Government condemn the Myanmar government for firing at the peaceful protestors?

A: I have already expounded China's position on Myanmar's domestic situation just now.

Q: Will the Chinese Government send any special envoy to Myanmar in the near future? Will Myanmar send officials or representatives to China?

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