3 Years After Sichuan Earthquake
New Life and Gratitude

An earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale and stucking at the seismic intensity of 11 severely jolted Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province, southwest China on May 12, 2008. The earthquake hit the area of 280,000 square kilometers; 68,712 people were killed and 17,921 missing. Some 4 million injured people received medical treatment. More than 10 million people were made homeless.

 A bridge damaged in the earthquake


The reconstruction work was extremely difficult as this was a rare natural calamity. Under the leadership of the Chinese Government, and with the help of all Chinese people and aids from the international community, Sichuan people overcame the difficulties brought by the earthquake.



The commemorate ceremony held in Sichuan  

In three years, buildings and roads were built one after another in the disaster-stricken areas, where smiles came back to the faces of people there. Economy develops again, and the local people are satisfied with their new life and social peace and stability.




A rural house built after the earthquake 

As of March 2011, a total of 29,692 projects were undertaken according to the General Plan on Post-Wenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction; and 92.4 percent of them have been completed. Investment consumed for the purpose totaled 787.1 billion Yuan, accounting for 90.9 percent of budgeted sum (865.8 billion Yuan).

New hospital built by the government 

Within one year, damaged housing of 3.5 million households were rebuilt; in one and a half years, some 1.5 million rural houses were built; and in two years, 260,000 urban houses were rebuilt in the main; some 96.2 percent of 3,002 school buildings were completed. Of the 1,362 medical and recuperation institutions, 90.4 percent were built in the main. Of the 4,847.8 kilometers of trunk highways that have to be rebuilt, 93.7 have been built; 1,222 damaged reservoirs were solidified; of the 2,440 damaged factories, 99.5 percent resumed production. Progress was made in improving the eco-environment and satisfactory results have been achieved. The restoration and reconstruction are to be completed entirely before the end of September 2011. People here will enjoy a better life when compared to the life they used to enjoy before the quake hit.

 A town rebuilt after the earthquake

The devastating Wenchuan earthquake was a catastrophe to Sichuan and the Chinese people. It was also a great trial to the people of Sichuan and China as a whole.


Faced with this mammoth trial, we went all out to fight against the excruciating disaster with a united will, and gave a satisfactory response. We hope this response will prove gratifying to people all over the world who are concerned about and provided support to Sichuan's quake-struck areas and to China.


We especially thank Finnish government, military forces, companies, friends, as well as local Chinese Society and students, for donating millions Euros worth of assistance and valuable supports to Sichuan.

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