Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Remarks about HK political reform on April 23, 2015


Q: The Hong Kong SAR government released its election plan yesterday. International rights groups once again bombarded the plan with criticism, saying that it rejects the international law and betrays the democratic aspiration of the Hong Kong people. How does China respond to that?

A: These remarks are utterly unjustifiable. The Consultation Report and Proposals on the Method for Selecting the Chief Executive by Universal Suffrage (Consultation Report and Proposals) published by the Hong Kong SAR government is a comprehensive reflection of opinions and suggestions given by the Hong Kong public on the selection of the Chief Executive by universal suffrage. The proposals are in line with the Basic Law of the Hong Kong SAR and the decision made by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), conform to the realities of Hong Kong and take into account the interests and aspirations of people from different social strata and sectors of Hong Kong. It is a lawful, feasible, sensible and practical plan.

It is the longstanding position of the Chinese central government that strong support should be given to the Hong Kong SAR government in promoting democracy in a progressive manner till the final realization of universal suffrage in accordance with the Basic Law and the decision made by the NPC Standing Committee. The five-step process of constitutional development in Hong Kong has come to a critical stage. We sincerely hope that people from all walks of life in Hong Kong will build up consensus, seize the historic opportunity and strive to realize the goal of selecting the Chief Executive by universal suffrage in 2017 as scheduled.

I want to stress that Hong Kong affairs are China's domestic affairs. External forces have no right to interfere.

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